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In July, WESSA Eco-schools Coordinator Caroline Conway-Physick chaired a PACE evaluation session at 4th World Environmental Education Congress in Durban. Along with the evaluation questionnaires sent out to organisations with the PACE materials, this has been a vital source of feedback.

Some positive comments:

"The books are well illustrated and it will be very easy for the teacher or instructor to communicate to the pupils. The activities are very practical for the children and relevant." Lewa Education Trust, Kenya

"…the contents in these packs are quite relevant for our local contexts and they contain local example and case studies in Tanzania, and this adds value to a sense of ownership for the target audience. I was amazed how resourceful they are" Enoch Chengullah, WWF Tanzania

Constructive comments received:

"Making inexpensive, non-digital versions of the PACE materials available would make use and distribution to a broader community easier in the African context" Comment from WEEC session participant

Several organisations pointed out the need for teacher training using the resources (e.g): "We believe that there is more of a chance of a resource being used if the teachers have been exposed to it in such a situation so they understand all that is in it and how to use it." Birdlife Botswana.

Many of the organizations receiving the resources now integrate PACE materials into their teacher training work, for example Jane Goodall Institute in Uganda and Belvedere Technical Teachers College, Zimbabwe.

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